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14 Tracks supporting 3 Industry Pillars 

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Data & Analytics

Data has become the lifeblood of the organization, especially now that increased privacy regulations have forced many to rethink their first-party data strategies. The plethora of available data allows companies to create dynamic customer experiences as well as make informed operational business decisions. This track will highlight best practices for using data for customer and business intelligence, measurement and attribution in a post-cookieless world, and how to create new data infrastructures that protects your most important asset and builds consumers’ trust.

Consumer Touchpoints

Brands must be where the consumers are, and the constant proliferation of new channels means that audiences are more fragmented than ever before. This track will delve into new platforms and the opportunities it presents to brands who want to gain new audiences and increase revenues. Featuring insights on various consumer touchpoints from streaming, social and emerging platforms, attendees will learn how marketers can translate their brand stories into new and exciting formats.

Brand Building & Advertising

The purpose of advertising hasn’t changed much in the last 80 years. However, the way it looks and sounds and where it appears has significantly changed with new platforms fragmenting audiences and altering consumer behaviors. This track discusses how to strike the right balance between brand and performance, create compelling brand experiences in existing and emerging platforms, and strategies to keep your brand reputation safe.

Customer Centricity & Experience

Changing consumer behaviors and expectations have made designing an omnichannel customer-centric strategy a competitive advantage for companies able to successfully crack the code. This track discusses how to align technology and talent with new ways to reimagine the customer journey, striking the right balance between humanity and automation, and creating new experiences for your consumers.

Social Impact & Purpose

The rise of brand citizenship has made purpose a strategic priority for corporations. Today’s consumers expect companies to take a stand and be able to articulate why a brand exists. In addition, they expect brands to use their economic influence to make an impact beyond profits and help make the world more sustainable and equitable. This track covers brand activism, sustainability, social responsibility, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) and other initiatives brands can use to translate purpose into action and connect purpose to the customer experience.

Internet of Things

According to McKinsey Global Institute, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to generated $4T to $11T in economic value by 2025. Facilitated by the proliferation of 5G, connected cities, homes and smart products will make investing in smart technologies essential. This track will explore the latest opportunities, challenges and innovations in IoT and the impact across verticals. Topics will include how to develop for the IoT, cloud and edge computing, autonomous vehicles, 5G and the future of mobility and connectivity.

Economic & Social Trends

Social, economic and demographic trends have an impact on the future of marketing and how marketers can effectively communicate with their audience. Whether it’s the rise of new channels and platforms, the expansion of the creator economy, or how to communicate with different demographics that represent the purchasing power of the future, marketers must be aware of the latest trends to stay relevant and keep pace with shifts in consumer behaviors.

Organization Design

In the age of technological advances and rising customer expectations, CMOs must make organization and talent decisions to effectively and better drive business growth. This track aims to identify, track and benchmark marketing org trends to help CMOs foresee the future and develop innovative marketing org strategies.

Startups & Entrepreneurship

This track features B2C and B2B entrepreneurs that are disrupting the marketing landscape and shaping the future of business. Whether it’s an innovative product or service, don’t miss how these startups saw the early signals of new customer habits and be inspired to reinvent your company for future success. 


From the growth of virtual economies in the metaverse to the opportunities in eSports and gaming, the rapid change of technology is bringing with it rapid innovations on how marketers do business and communicate with their audiences. This track highlights the latest innovations in AR/VR/MR enhanced environments, blockchain, gaming, NFTs and how to create for the Internet 3.0 era.


eCommerce has expanded beyond online to include social, voice, mobile, visual and decentralized commerce. And consumers expect to transact with a brand where they congregate. This track will educate attendees on how to provide consumers with a frictionless omnichannel experience, discuss new payment options that are transforming the future of eCommerce and help prioritize where to invest.

AI & Marketing Automation

AI’s impact on the world can be felt everywhere. It has impacted many industries including, education, healthcare, marketing, media, transportation and many more. This track focuses on how AI-powered technologies will continue to transform business by producing new efficiencies, unlocking new avenues of growth and learning how to implement it responsibly.