POSSIBLE Sustainability Mission

As a global leader in marketing events, we are committed to environmental stewardship, protecting natural resources, and enhancing quality of life while maintaining social and economic productivity.

Sustainability Advisor

Brian O’Kelley

Co-Founder and CEO Scope3

Learn with Us

Inspiration Hall

Wed Apr 19, 2:10 PM – 2:35 PM

Fortune Favors the Brave–Who’s Leading when the World is Watching?

Advertising influences billions of people to shop, vote, travel, drink, and even exercise. We know there’s a bit of a dark side, things like privacy and consumerism, but on the whole we generally feel good about what we do. Last year, that changed …

Offset Carbon Emissions

Offset your flying & travel carbon emissions with Cool Effect!

Cool Effect is a501(c)3 dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and businesses reduce as much GHG as possible then offset what remains with the highest quality carbon credits available.

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Make an Impact

Monday, April 17, 5:00 PM – 6:30PM

Beach Clean Up

At POSSIBLE, we want to be able to provide attendees with opportunities to make an impact while in Miami. What better way to kick off our event than to walk the beach, connect with colleagues, and clean up the shoreline!?

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Clean Miami Beach

POSSIBLE is proud to partner with Clean Miami Beach, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization
dedicated to the protection of beautiful Miami Beach and its marine wildlife.

Our Vision

As a global leader in marketing events, we are committed to environmental stewardship, protecting natural resources, and enhancing quality of life while maintaining social and economic productivity.
Provide an Eco-friendly Experience
Reduce Event Waste
Encourage Conscious Consumption
Increase Industry Awareness
Measure Our Impact and Set Goals for Improvement

Provide an Eco-friendly Experience

Our Green Venue, Fontainebleau, strives to provide its guests with an eco-friendly experience. In every area – from design to site management to marketing – priority is given to sustainable principles and practices that conserve resources without compromising the guest experience.

Fontainebleau has developed creative green solutions that include linen and towel re-use, eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products, organic menu options, water and energy conservation programs and an inclusive recycling program.

  • Landscaping features native plants, saving on irrigation
  • The use of Diversity earth-friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Elimination of plastic straws, use eco-friendlypaper products
  • Eliminated all Styrofoam from the property and replaced it with corn based biodegradable plastics
  • Packaging for in-room amenities, pool, and beach are recyclable
  • Established energy conservation committee responsible for consumption reduction
  • Appliances and all technology are Energy Star rated
  • Car charging stations available on property, bikes available to borrow

Reduce Event Waste

Go paperless
Eliminate Single Use Plastics
Source Reusable & Responsible Raterials

Food Rescue US

POSSIBLE is proud to partner with Food Rescue US, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste (keeping food out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gasses), by engaging volunteers and food donors through their proprietary web-based app to directly transfer nutritious excess food to social service agencies serving the food insecure.

Encourage Conscious Consumption

Encourage conscious consumption by providing healthy food options and discouraging low quality and single-use promotional items.

  • Offer nutritious, healthy food options that integrate low impact ingredients and includes vegetarian/vegan options
  • Venue offers local and organic food ingredients when possible, including produce from Paradise Farms (Homestead, FL) & honey from Moyer Farms (aged onsite)
  • Encourage attendees not to waste food with thoughtful messaging
  • Remind attendees to only take promotional items that they intend to keep
  • Ensure all Partner/Exhibitor promotional items are designed and procured following strict sustainability criteria
  • Encourage donations in place of swag (partner with Givsly)

Increase Industry Awareness

POSSIBLE will work closely with its official Sustainability Partner(s) to showcase efforts in the marketing industry to integrate more sustainable business practices, while meaningfully engaging with the local community through volunteer services and financial support.
Curated Content
Community Outreach
Sustainable Sponsorship Opportunities

Measure Our Impact & Set Goals for Improvement

Measure our impact and set goals for improvement so that over time POSSIBLE will become a model for future marketing expo events.
Measure Impact
Set Goals for Continuous Improvement